Monday, August 26, 2013

Why I Choose These Assessment Types...

     For the first learning outcome, I choose a series of visual materials and performance assessments because the learning process and outcome is mainly a visual experience as the students are being taught to access and manuever their personal email accounts online and the only way is to physically and visually do this process.

UPDATED: 082913

However, since I am unable to produce this type of test on this blog, I also choose to present a Matching Test type. I presented the students with seven steps to access their email and they are to put them in numerical order.

     Fot the second learning outcome and assessment I choose a series of objective tests as the students will need to study, learn and need to memorize information, or more specifically the dates of every American war and the reasons they started. I further choose a few different types of tests since all learners are different and may learn or do better on one test over another.

UPDATED: 082913

I presented a Multiple Choice test so the students may choose the correct date that corresponds to the the year an American War began.

I also presented an Essay Question so that the students may exaplain (in a minimum of a paragraph) why a specific American War began.

     Finally, for the last learning outcome and assessments I choose a combination of both performance and objective assessments as the grade level being taught is pre-school and the learning cabability has really yet to be determined in most or all of these children in an educational setting. Both visual aids, learning to write the letters and repetative song may all be needed to help these new learners retain the alphabet. Or perhaps, some strudents will learn to gravitate towards one style of learning over the other.

UPDATED: 082913

I presented a Completion Test, whereas the students need to fill in the missing letters of the alphabet.

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